M159 ECU Upgrade

+27 Wheel Horsepower, +36 Wheel Torque

As a leader in tuning and calibration, Weistec Engineering is proud to release tuning packages for the SLS AMG. Our ability to successfully innovate and create the world’s first 50 state legal supercharger system for the 6.3L AMG has allowed us to further identify and understand the complex factory modules.

We have created a strong yet reliable tuning solution that utilizes the same calibration technology that has been applied to our Supercharger System. With a keen understanding for optimal running conditions for the SLS, we have revised many features of the ECU which creates an astounding 515 horsepower to the wheels on 91 octane.

*Power gains vary based on model and modifications.

*Product may not be emissions compliant.  Check local laws prior to installation.

ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned?

Key Features:

  • +27 Wheel Horsepower
  • +36 Wheel Torque
  • Eliminate Top Speed Limiter
  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Optimized Fuel and Spark